Get in early.

"The entrance strategy is actually more important than the exit strategy."

– Edward Lampert, American billionaire
By the time a company goes public you've already missed out on the best opportunities. Most companies will hold at least four or five private funding rounds before their public offering.
The pre-IPO market is all but inaccessible to most people.
Series A Valuation29 million25 million120 million
Pre-IPO Valuation24 billion14 billion24 billion
Current Valuation15 billion29 billion24 billion
Them 54,137%118,800%20,000%
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What is Zest Fund?

what is zest 1

Zest is a decentralized crowd funded syndicate which offers indirect access to high-quality tech venture funds via our “Z Token”.

Zest, in partnership with LATOKEN, will utilize their IEO platform to offer its ERC20 “Z Token” to the public. The resulting syndicate is mobilized as a single entity into the top performing venture capital professionals,

what is zest 2
what is zest 3

Z Tokens represent a person’s stake in our crypto-syndicate. When fiat is returned to Zest it is used to buy back Z Tokens from the exchange at market price, presenting a mass liquidation event for the holders. Repurchased tokens are then burned and permanently removed from circulation, continually decreasing the total amount of tokens available.

Zest Fund IEO Details

Zest is proud to partner with LAToken, a top 20 exchange, to give our audience access through its secure and battle-tested platform.


LAToken gives the individual a convenient and secure way to monitor their potential stakes in the syndication.


Z Tokens will be kept secure in the exchange until a mass buyback of the tokens occurs.


LAToken provides a fair and efficient distribution for all participants.


"...blockchain remains a technology built around the idea of freedom. We’re taking that idea, that freedom which cryptocurrency provides, and applying it elsewhere. By connecting people to high-quality mainstream venture funds we’re breaking down some of the elitism that plagues Silicon Valley..."

- Stuart Farmer CEO

Z Token IEO Details

Use of Proceeds

Total IEO Funds RaisedOperational Costs
$10 million$3 million - 30%
$20 million$6 million - 30%
$50 million$10 million - 20%
$100 million$15 million - 15%

Our strategy includes assigning analysts on the business side and technical side of due diligence. What this does is give the access to deal flow but also ensures everything is done in the best interest of the Z Tokens holders.

Token Distribution

IEO Sale Tokens 80%
Team Tokens (Locked)20%
token chart

Token Pricing

#Tranch VolumeETH / Z TokenZ Tokens Available
110,000 ETH0.000050 ETH200 million
210,000 ETH0.000051 ETH196 million
310,000 ETH0.000052 ETH192 million
410,000 ETH0.000053 ETH188 million
510,000 ETH0.000054 ETH185 million
610,000 ETH0.000055 ETH181 million
710,000 ETH0.000056 ETH178 million
810,000 ETH0.000057 ETH175 million
910,000 ETH0.000058 ETH172 million
1010,000 ETH0.000059 ETH169 million
10,000 ETH Tranches are allocated each with the number of tokens being pegged to a single satoshi value. Satoshi value is rounded to about 2.5% per tranche. The number of Z Tokens per tranche varies and is rounded below. The exact amount of Z Tokens per tranchemay vary. However, the volume of BTC per tranche is stable.


Current Level: 0.000050 ETH per Z Token
Of 10,000 ETH
Z Tokens Sold
Z Tokens Sold / Hour

Targeted Funds

Z Tokens give you access to these types of funds.


Techstars Ventures has $265M under management and we are currently investing out of our third fund ($150M). Alongside the VC and Angel communities, we co-invest in companies built by Techstars accelerator companies and alumni. more

Keiretsu Forum

Keiretsu Forum believes that through a holistic approach that includes interlocking relationships with partners and key resources, they can offer an association that produces the highest quality deal-flow and investment opportunities. more

Decent Capital

Decent Capital is a leading angel investment institution, dedicated to helping teams with great dreams and business ideas for a successful entrepreneurship. more

Zesty Team

Stuart Picture

Stuart Farmer

President - CEO
Stuart founded Lamden to bring blockchain tech to the masses. Now he is doing the same with venture capital.
Jordan Scheider

Jordan Schneider

Lead Strategist
Jordan is a serial entrepreneur that grows Startups from 0 to 1.


Marketing Manager
Ethan utilizes 21st century techniques to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing.

Zesty Advisors

Mihai is the CEO of and holds a deep rolodex of crypto contacts. He helps Zest find the optimal partners and upholds a standard of transparency and integrity that is unparalleled in the industry.